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  1. Hey Maija,

    Can you please help me get a good perspective on the concentrations at PSIA? They are so many and it is difficult to really grasp what they would all mean if pursued.

    I have been admitted to the Masters in International Energy. I have a background in law andegree would like to use this foundation throughout my masters. I am also hoping to get into an MBA and/or LLM later in my career. This means that I would like to have a foot in commercial matters. I am conflicted between a concentration in emerging economies, project management and their latest one in journalism.

    1. Hi Gawie!

      At PSIA you will take one class in each concentration each semester. Your concentrations also show up on your diploma. So the real question here is two-fold:
      1. Which concentration offers more classes that appeal to you?
      2. How do you want your diploma to read?

      I encourage you to look at the class offerings for the three concentrations you mentioned. Keep in mind that it is rare to get all the classes you really want at Sciences Po, so if there are only one or two classes that appeal to you in a given concentration, then consider a different option! All three concentrations that you mention could be good choices for someone pursuing an MBA or an LLM, it all depends on your unique interests.

      After starting at PSIA you will have the option to change concentrations after your first semester. Therefore, don’t fret too much! Personally, I started out with a concentration in Migrations and ended up changing after the first semester to Human Rights. Why? As it turned out, there were more (and more hands-on) Human Rights classes! In all of my human rights classes, I focused on immigrant and refugee issues (either for my individual projects or because the class focused on those issues). In terms of my classwork and experiences, I am very glad that I made the change.

      Hope this helps!

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