Anxious About What I Submitted

A reader writes:
“Hi Maija!
Last month I submitted my application to Sciences Po for the PSIA’s Master in International Development.
Prior to that, I had been contemplating availing of your services for my personal statement, but two weeks before my deadline I was nowhere near finished. I hesitated and decided not to bother you with a last-minute request.
Long story short, my anxiety is getting the better of me. I’m wondering if you might be willing to simply check out my CV and personal statement that I already submitted. I know it won’t do anything to change my application, but I was still hoping you would share your thoughts anyway.
Please let me know if you can help.
All the best,
Dear Anxious:
Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to finish everything in time to request my help.
Given that you have already submitted your application, I don’t think it make much sense for me to review your work. Rather, I would like to prioritize my time for those people who need my help to improve their work before submission.
I know that it can be nerve-wracking to await judgement on your application. Try to focus your efforts on a different college application, a hobby, or your current job. The judgement you are really looking for is not from me. Rather, what you are seeking is an admissions decision from Sciences Po — and it will come soon enough.
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One thought on “Anxious About What I Submitted”

  1. I’m imagining this is a young woman who lacks some confidence. I wish her the best. Getting into, or not getting into a program does not make/break a life. It takes many years to understand this.

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