Couchsurfing Sex Survey

I wrote this post about couchfucking (couchsurfing sex) a while back and posted a survey for people to fill out about their experiences.

If you haven’t filled out my survey yet, go there and do it!

Results will be posted on this page, below.

So far (as of January 9th, 2017) I have received: 9 responses.

That’s not enough to draw any serious trends or conclusions about anything. But there is one question where a single answer is definitely dominating so far:

Would you ever consider sex with a couchsurfer or host?
“Sure, why not? It’s just sex.” – 87.50%
“Only if we had a real connection.” – 12.50%

Want to see more results? Then take the survey! If I get past 50 responses then I’ll start posting graphs 😉

[Cover photo for this article is a stock image from Pixabay. But can we all just agree that the subject is definitely couchmasturbating? Couchsurfing and masturbation. That’s going to be my new hit blog….]

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