Interning at Sikana

As part of the completion of my master’s degree at Sciences Po, in June I began a 6-month internship at Sikana, a non-profit, start-up NGO that provides free, online educational classes in video form.

At Sikana, I am the International Diffusion Team Leader, insuring localization, translation, dubbing, and distribution of Sikana videos in over 10 languages. In other organizations an intern doesn’t have a full title with real responsibilities, but in a start-up like Sikana everyone is truly needed.

Read more and see a sample Sikana video on how to make Tartiflette (a traditional French recipe made with bacon, potatoes and cheese) on the McDermott Alumni blog!

So far it has been a good experience. Having previously taught English to kindergartnerers, high schoolers and adults, I already had a good idea about leading different age groups– and leading in general. That said, being given the official title of group leader while having no specific knowledge, age advantage or even salary distinction to legitimize leadership was definitely a new challenge! I’m learning a lot about leading from behind and encouraging a climate of innovation.

I’m also learning a lot about what it means to work at a start-up… from taking the initiative to set-up new organizational processes to getting down on my hands and knees to wash the toilet floors (budget constraints = no mop, no custodian!)

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