Perspective on Getting a Foreign Degree

A reader writes:

“Hi Maija,

I hope your holidays are going well!
I have a question in terms of post grad opportunities. I know Science Po is a very prestigious school in Europe, but I wanted to know your thoughts on the value of getting an international master’s degree and opportunities in the US. Although I am primarily interested in working in France and internationally, I am curious as to how that degree would be perceived if I were to seek job opportunities in the United States. Thank you!
Best Wishes,
Dear Perspective:
You shouldn’t have any problem using your Sciences Po degree in the U.S. Most employers will see your degree the same as they do any other master’s degree. Many employers have heard of Sciences Po before and know that it is prestigious, while those that haven’t are still likely to be impressed when they see that you studied in France.
Certain jobs (including jobs with the U.S. government), may require your to have your foreign degree evaluated for its U.S. equivalency. This can cost between $80 and $200 . When I did this (I used the service SpanTran), my 2-year Sciences Po master’s degree was evaluated as the equivalent of a 2-year master’s degree in the United States.
Hope this helps!

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