Sciences Po: When will I know about the Boutmy Scholarship?

I just found out I have been offered a Boutmy scholarship at Sciences Po!

(I’ve written a lot of posts about Sciences Po.)

After months of awaiting a scholarship decision, I’ve decided to post this announcement on my blog so that others may find it next year and know when to expect to find out about scholarship decisions.

After emailing them, I was initially told that I would hear about the Boutmy by late May. After late May passed, I emailed them again and was told late June.

I will be attending the Master in International Development program, 2014-2016.


February 12, 2013 – Completed my Sciences Po application, which included a request for the Boutmy Scholarship

April 17, 2014 – Received notice of acceptance

June 23, 2014 – Received notice of Emilie Boutmy scholarship acceptance

September 1, 2014 – Start date for classes in Paris

Note that these are the deadlines from my personal application process – the process may be different for others! (Acceptances occur on a rolling basis so they will almost definitely be different. However, all the Boutmy scholarships are released at the same time.)

Still working on your application for Sciences Po?
I can review your letter of motivation!

I’ve also written posts with some free tips on writing your motivation letter. And this post, which answers some questions sent to me from a Sciences Po applicant.

For more information about the Boutmy scholarship, check out the official webpage for it at:


4 thoughts on “Sciences Po: When will I know about the Boutmy Scholarship?”

  1. Hi! I’ve recently been admitted to PSIA and have also applied for the Emile Boutmy scholarship. I was just wondering if you knew how common it is to get it? During your degree, did you know many others who had applied and been successful? Also, does it seem more merit or need based?

    My second question is to do with the dual degree programs. I have heard that they are extremely difficult to get into. Did it seem to you that this was the case based on your classmates/friends who applied and succeeded/failed?


    1. Hi TJ,

      Thanks for your questions. The Emile Boutmy scholarship is a merit scholarship. Only around 11% of applicants from the Master’s pool are chosen for this scholarship, so it is extremely selective. Selection is based on 3 things: academic excellence (ex. your grades), motivation and parcours (ex. involvement in extracurriculars), and diversity (ex. they aim to award this scholarship to students from all over the world, so they will take into account the circumstances in your country).

      During my degree I didn’t meet any students with this scholarship that I know of… but it’s not exactly something you talk about in the hallways. I probably met several and it just never came up in conversation. In 2015, the Emile Boutmy was awarded to 220 individuals, including Master’s and Bachelor’s degree students.

      You may have noticed that the scholarship has several different award levels– as a Master’s candidate, you could receive as little as 5,000€ per year towards tuition or as much as 16,000€ per year (10,000€ for tuition and 6,000€ for food, books, your apartment, etc.). You have also probably noticed that the application asks about your financial situation. It is my understanding that they use merit to decide who will get the scholarship but financial need to help determine how much money the awardee will receive.

      As for the dual degree programs– yes, they are extremely selective with only a handful of students in each program. Specific statistics would depend on which program you are talking about.

      Hope this helps!

  2. hello. can you give me examples of academic excellence ( grades, marks) that you should have to get the scholarship? it’s ok with the others criteria but i am a little be concerned about marks. thanks

    1. Hi Naomi,
      Your scores should be good enough to get into Sciences Po and, I’d imagine, ideally a bit better than the bare minimum. I have never been a part of the decision board for the Boutmy Scholarship and they don’t publish their decision-making criteria online, so it’s all a bit opaque. If you’re applying to Sciences Po anyways, why not apply for the scholarship and just see what happens?

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