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“Wow, thank you so much for your insightful feedback. I can’t even express how appreciative I am to have your knowledgeable guidance. You’ve made invaluable improvements to my CV and personal statement!”
— A.L., Master of Environmental Policy 2017 applicant

The letter is way beyond my expectations! I think it looks perfect! Thank you very much for all your help! I was feeling very insecure about my personal statement and your comments and edits made all the difference, now I am very confident about it.
— M.V., Master of Human Rights and Humanitarian Action 2017 applicant, accepted to PSIA (2017)

Your feedback was of tremendous help and was exactly what I had been looking for! In particular, I valued your comments on the substantive issues of the personal statement — e.g. the need to emphasize the PERSONAL aspects, to avoid repetition (or duplication) between CV and statement, and to present a clear idea what the field of study at SP would be. Overall, I think that my personal statement benefitted greatly from your input.

— Master of International Security  applicant, accepted to PSIA (2017)

You have provided great help in improving my reference letter and CV by making a clear story line which explains why I would be the right candidate to be accepted at Sciences Po.
— J.S., Master of International Economic Policy 2017 applicant

I really felt that you took quite a bit of time to make these edits and that you provided feedback as to how to better structure my letter. Thanks again!
— Master of International Development applicant, accepted to PSIA (2017)

 “Your help was precious to me and I honestly never thought about applying to a “top” university as I didn’t think I was qualified enough, so I really want to thank you for your positive comments about my CV/motivation letter, as they really mean a lot to me!”
— B.R., Master of International Development applicant, accepted to PSIA (2016)

“I asked Maija for help. Not only was she really professional when it came to checking my letter of motivation and CV, but also she looked into every detail of my work. She explained why some of its parts should not be included. In the end, she made me feel way more confident about my application. I would highly recommend Maija to anybody wishing to apply to any University.”
— F.W., Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action applicant, accepted to PSIA (2016)

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