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Who do you usually help?

I have had proven success helping all kinds of undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. applicants get accepted to their dream schools. However, I now work exclusively with students who are applying to Sciences Po.

Roughly half of the students I help are native English speakers from the United States or the UK. The other half are students from all over the world— Germany, Mexico, China, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Spain, etc.

What are your qualifications?

I’m both a native English speaker and a TEFL-certified English teacher. I’ve taught English in the United States, Turkey, Spain, and France. That means I really know how to correct English.

Beyond that, I graduated from Sciences Po with my master’s in 2016 and I am also a former Fulbright scholar. I now work full-time in immigration.

What comes with a review?

I use Microsoft Word (track changes) to complete all reviews. My comments and edits include grammar and spelling corrections, notes on style, organizational help, and overall content review.

In some cases, one editing session is sufficient. In most cases, I will send your personal statement back and forth two or three times with edits until everything looks perfect.

Why are you offering this service?

I started offering this service because I received several emails from interested students who had read my blog. Then, for a short time between jobs, I began avidly developing my blog and writing services. Today, I continue to offer this service because I genuinely enjoy editing applications and helping people to achieve their goals.

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